So... Why us?

- There will be NO physical limitations!

You can be anywhere in the world, with a landing strip and internet, you'll get the martial arts supplies that you want at a mouse-click! You are FREE and spoilt for choices from various brands even if there isn't a shop in your country or near your place! Here you can buy your needs and wants exactly as though the world is at your backyard - anything, at your convenience.

- Full spectrum of options and equipment to purchase from!

Imagine you went running all over town, from shop to shop, just so you can hopefully find something you like. Look! Over here, everything can be browsed through easily. You can go through thousands of different equipment at a single swipe and even compare different brands, prices etc. You. Name. It.

- FREE Concierge Service!

Looking for something and you can't find? Drop me a request via email "kennlim.creativesolutions@gmail.com" and I'll find it on your behalf, then email you personally about what I've found and even make suggestions!


Gone are the days "Cash is King". Over here, you are the Boss! I run my business with a "Customers First" policy. I believe in interactions and meeting what my customers need, and what they want!

- I am a martial arts enthusiast too!

That's precisely why I can completely relate to what you want, what are your concerns and what you need! Heck, we can even discuss about martial arts altogether. Or wait, would you rather buy your equipment from a salesperson not knowing anything about martial arts at all?

- We have a common interest!

Martial arts and you. Or your gym / dojo. Practicality, quality and comfort, as well as looking good (and of course - price). These factors have always topped my list when considering products. I think some of these factors may be in your list as well. Your concerns are my priority.

Now that you've read so much, shop around the entire website is the next step, and discuss with me, let's see how we can get your "Brutality needs" satisfied!


-MMA RashGuard-


-Grappling gloves- Keep a look out!!

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